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SW Plastics: Flow-->Cool-->Flow data exchange

Question asked by Radoslaw Szmid on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by Jared Conway



As a new (but already experienced with different simulation packages) SW Plastics user I got a technical question about data exchange between Flow<->Cool modules.

I know that the proper way (or the most realistic I should say) of doing it, is to first run a Flow analysis followed by Cool analysis and then again the final Flow study.

The “filename.FT?” (available after running Flow study) records the part temperature information at end of filling, which could then offer to Cool analysis as plastic initial temperature profile.

In contrast, Flow-Pack analysis could accept mold temperature profile “filename.WL?” (and filename.TWL? in case of transient study) from Cool analysis as mold temperature during Flow-Pack  analysis.


The problem is that in my opinion Flow-->Cool data exchange works properly only for shell analysis (picture attached)!

When running a full 3D study, the Cool module does not read the filename.FT data from Flow analysis. There is no information in the solvers well as no difference in the study results.


This is a serious issue imo.

Is there any one who could help me out and confirm that such problem indeed exist?


Thank you!


Radek (PL)