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    Reset revision numbers to 0

    Alex Holt

      Apologies, I'm sure this has been asked before, however I cannot find it.


      I have been building a vault from afresh at a new company. Some parts however are now on revision 6 or 7 after I have tweaked them. For the sake of drawings I would like all my parts to be revision 0 or 1. Short of checking the lot out and starting over, is there a way to reset all parts to be on A1 (or whatever it may be)?

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          John Burrill


          Assuming you're using WPDM and not EPDM, go into the Vault Admin and go to the Rev tab..

          1. Delete your revision scheme and replace it with one where the Primary revision is a list from 1-100 (copy and paste from Excel to do this)
          2. Make the Secondary revision scheme a list containing 0 or A1 or whatever you want to reset your revision to.  The only catch is that it can't be duplicate of the value in the primary revision.
          3. turn on "sequential revisioning" and hit OK to close the Vault Admin.
          4. Now go into SolidWorks or SolidWorks explorer and log into the vault.
          5. For each top-level project, right-click on it and select take ownership.
          6. In the Take Onwership dialog box, select the option to take ownership of all child files.
          7. Select all of the top-level documents in the project and then right-click over them and select Bump Revision.
          8. In the Bump Revision dialog, select the specify option and change the list to Other.
          9. Type in the secondary revision that you set up in Vault Admin
          10. Check the option to change all child items under selected.
          11. Click OK.
          12. When WPDM is done processing that command, the component revisions should all read with the revision you started with.
          13. Repeat steps 6-12 for each project in the vault.
          14. Now go back into the Vault admin and restore your revision scheme.  Just make sure that your new starting revision is the first one in the Primary Revision list.

          Some things to be wary of, turn off lifecycle management before doing this-especially if you have revision codes tied to lifecycle states.

          You should then have your files with the revisons you wanted.

          Having said all of that, my experience is that it's much simpler to load a vault from scratch for this kind of broad-based administrative change.