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selecting mirror in feature manager causes large lag

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by Don Van Zile

SW2014 SP5,




I have a few parts that when I select the mirror feature from within the Feature manager will cause at least a minute or two delay before I can roll back before it, if I select the mirror side from within the graphics area I can immediately roll the part back with no issues.  This also continues to happen if I delete and re-create the mirror body.


Has anyone seen this?


If not, I may send it to my VAR for evaluation, but, I am sure they will just have to send it to SW, which by the time they get back I will release the file to tooling anyway.


I should note that I have been using SW for over ten years, first time for this one, part of my role is troubleshooting, so I have gone through all of the evaluations I can think of.


Thanks much,



Note: this is also happening is SW2015 SP2.1