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How to combine rev letters and numbers, help please...

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Jan 16, 2015
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Let me start by saying I am super new, and still learning EPDM so please be patient with me.


We are setting up the EPDM database to take over for our previous system, and in our past we have built legacy data, some having rev letters and some having rev numbers (numbers are our current standard).  We also have customers that dictate weather the rev is a number or letter.  To add to the problem when the customer decides a job should use letters our standard devices that are used in conjunction with the new alpha rev parts will retain the number rev.  My question is how can I build a workflow to "release" all of the parts of an assembly if I expect some of them to increment by number and some of them to increment by letter?


Some of my thoughts were to have an "_A" character at the end of the part number (ie: 1234567_A) that somehow tells EPDM that the part needs a letter rev instead of the rev number?  What would the workflow look like?


Or possibly a data card variable of A or 1 to tell the system which path to choose?


Can an assembly containing both the letter rev parts and number rev parts pass through the same workflow?  Sorry for the super noob questions I hope this makes sense...