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I would like to know how to make my renders look more realistic

Question asked by Daniel Van In on Jan 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2015 by Michael Lord

HI, thanks in advance for any assistance. I have produced rather a large number of models in my free time, but i find when it comes down to rendering them i struggle to make the things look realistic, or to show off the detail i have included on the models. I find that people that have produced models with lower detail , somehow render the model and show off more detail than mine do, only by zooming in considerably can one see the detail on mine, i think it is mainly due to lighting but im not sure.


I've included 2 images of models i have completed. As you one can see, in an attempt to display the previously missing detail, i have added contour lines to the renders, this displays detail but does not increase realism. All models were made with SW 2013, and rendered with photoview.


Thanks again for any assistance.