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Pasting between drawings

Question asked by Michael Closson on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by Randal Adams

I'm working on a project that has left- and right-handed fixtures.

Some components are mirrored to be left or right-handed, but not all.

Some components are common to both fixtures, regardless which hand the fixture is.

I'm required to provide a complete set of drawings for each fixture, not just calling LH-RH of the details in one set of drawings.

After I created one set of drawings, I want to copy/paste the common details into the 2nd set of drawings.

My question is there some trick to pasting so that the drawings views are positioned within the border of the 2nd drawing the same as the drawing they were copied from?

Invariably, when I paste into the new drawing, I have to drag the views around because some of the views paste in outside the border.

Is there some way to choose a reference point to copy from and paste to?

I'm using SW14 for compatibility reasons.