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    Saving a variable in a dispatch

    Angie Krahner

      Hi - I am trying to write a dispatch that deletes the part number for all configurations except the @ configuration. I do not want the user to have to enter the names of all the configurations from which the part number is to be deleted. I can delete the part number from all configs but then need the part number saved to write back to the @ config. How do I save a variable in dispatch to be written back to the data card variable at the end of the dispatch? I have created a dispatch variable (d_number) that is the part number in the @ config but I am not sure how to define when it reads this variable. Below are screenshots of the dispatch.

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          Derek Lawson



               I realize that this post is almost a year old so if you have figured this out already or if the question is not longer relevant, I apologize. Here is what I would do. Create a variable that captures the name of the current configuration. During the For Each Configuration portion, create a Jump/Label action that compares the configuration name variable to "@" so if the current configuration name does not = "@", remove the number value. If the current configuration name is "@", then it should jump to a label bypassing the "Set variable value" action.


          Would that work for what you are doing?


          Derek M. Lawson