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How to cut along a line?

Question asked by Alex Draeker on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2015 by Dwight Livingston

Hello everyone!


I am rather new to these forums; I just joined about ten minutes before making starting to write this post.


I decided I'll quickly introduce myself before starting my question.


My name is Alex Draeker. I am on my last year in high school in Germany. I want to study drilling/petroleum engineering as a career.


I love engineering, even though I lack any skill in it. I find it fun to create something with my own hands.


Anyhow, I'm working on Solidworks 2014 by my school, and I keep having trouble with this one thing on many of my projects. I end up just "half-assing" it and doing something else instead to replace it, but I want to learn the correct way.


Please correct me if I make any incorrect terms.


It's pretty hard for me to explain, so I'll start by posting some photos of an example part I made to show this problem.


Side Example.jpg

Image Example: SIDE


Front Example.jpg

Image Example: FRONT


Top Example.jpg

Image Example: TOP


So we have three parts here: TOP, SIDE, FRONT.


These are images of a 30x30mm by 100mm long rectangle. (Correct me if I stated the dimensions in a incorrect manner please.)


On the TOP example, you see a top sketch of 92mm long with a curve towards the end. It is 12mm from the edge.


On the FRONT example, you see a sketch. This is the sketch I want to chip off the block.

To state another way, we have this rectangle, and I want to round the edge. The FRONT sketch shows the dimensions of the "rounding".


On the SIDE example, you see a construction line showing how far down I want the "rounding" to go down. The SIDE example was made INCORRECTLY, I meant to make it mirror the TOP example. <-- As the TOP example curves in and the distance shortens; the side will also curve up so both distances from the edge will be equal.


I now want to use my "rounding" sketch to make an "fillet" of 12mm radius. The fillet will stay 12mm by 12mm till it reaches the curves at the end of the sketch and it will shrink it proportions but keep the same radius.


The problem is: how do I do that?....


Here is a picture of where I'm stuck at:


Stuck Example.jpg


I'm sure I'm using a incorrect tool here, but this is cut extrude.


I'm stuck, and i've searched a couple tools already.


I would love to get some ideas. Thank you very much in advance!