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Experience with upgrading Enterprise PDM and SolidWorks to 2015 SP1.1

Question asked by Martin Solem on Jan 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Martin Solem

Hi all,


I am working at a VAR. We have upgraded a couple of EPDM/SW environments, and i must admit i have become a bit hesitant when it comes to upgrading more systems at this point. A little too often we have strange things going on; Files that seems to have become corrupt, SolidWorks crashing when interacting with files in the vault. Like the Open, Save and Check in commands. It's a random error, it doesn't happen all the time, and doesn't affect all users. No useful information is logged by any system. Most of the time it concerns drawings, and the only work-around so far is to recreate the drawing. A handful of files with cut-list items, had to be remade. A couple observations have become SPR's, but as long as we can't recreate or haven't located the reason, i don't expect a quick fix.


I am wondering if anyone else have any experience with upgrading their environments, good or bad, or have similar observations?