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    Structural analysis

    Ranga Narasimhan

      I am doing structural analysis in cosmos. I usually do this with user defined strucural elements in solidworks and use beam mesh in cosmos.

      My question is that, is there any way to directly input the section preops like moment of inertia and section modulus with wire frame model (3d skecthes/curves) and get the FEA done instead of modeling and meshing with beam mesh.


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          Vince Adams
          Not yet...

          How many others would like this capability in COSMOSWorks? If you could let me know via e-mail or thru this forum, I'd appreciate it!


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              Ranga Narasimhan
              hi vince,

              i have seen such thing in nastran where i give only section props (no modeling), but still it gives me graphical view of beam and other members even though there is no such model at all.

              i'd also like to have one such capability in cosmos too . its very flexible to have such thing where i can instantly check with some non-standrad sections or built up sections.

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                  that is possible in ansys also.
                  because to create 3D model in ansys and nastran are completed,
                  so calculation of real constants is easier than modeling
                  so they gave this facility.
                  but using solidworks we can easily created complicated structure.
                  we can avoid real constant calculation.

                  i think this option is availabl in cosmos geostar.
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                genexxer genexxer
                This assumes the section properties are the same throughout the entire simulation. So often this is a decent assumption for situations like really stiff structural components ie. steel I-beams under load. However, for low modulus materials like elastomers that assumption goes out the window right after the linear material property assumption. I hope a large population of users exists that need solidworks to devote its resources to implementing expanded functionality in the nonlinear realm(api, do-loops). That way they'll do it and I will benefit
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                    Douglas Johnson
                    I would be very interested in this capability, I have a backgound in anysys and find the constant messing around in the model and adding custom cross sections to get the right "I" values consumes alot of time.

                    along those lines I regularly have a problem with joints in my beam studies being redefined in solidworks anytime (everytime) I so much as change a cross section of one of my beams, this means that I have to reapply most if not all loads and restraints in my model every time I modify any weldments in my model. Would it perhaps be possible to have the joints in my beam study be defined by point in my 3d sketch rather than the current setup.

                    lastly is there some way to have soliworks figure out "I" values for a profile tha I draw?
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                        I would also like to see the enhancements listed above added to Simulation. I have submitted enhancement requests. The way Simulation recalculates the joints and loses joint loads and restraints every time I reassign a cross section is particularly annoying.

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                            Valery Rutkovskiy
                            We write for our customer (www.iss-reshetnev.com) SW addon which convert selected edges of parametric solid model to beam and truss model (input file of Geostar and Nastran). In pop-up window user can choose section and edit other property.

                            This way help him in creation of huge beam and truss models without painfull errors.
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                        I am also waiting for this option in Solidworks Simulation. When I start a new design I always use Ansys. It is the only one which satisfies my needs. Hope will have this capability in SW very soon. It bothers me model the entire part just to get some info. Also in Ansys it is possible to have displacements diagram and much better Shear an Moment Diagrams.
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                          Anthony Botting
                          That would be nice to have a real-constant "deck" such as available in GeoStar to put in the section props. Keep in mind you will need to specify the coordinate system AND orientation for each section, and probably a shift for neutral axis of nonsymmetric sections. Whereas SolidWorks Simulation does this book-keeping automatically. The request for this capability reminds me of the days of ModStar (initial COSMOS/M product) where you had to instruct the computer of those details with "real-constant" decks. They are time-consuming to input, but nonetheless parametric. The SolidWorks Simulation approach has been a blessing to handle all of it automatically.
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                            Bennie Buys
                            We will also appreciate such a functionality. We design heat exchanger and need to model the tubes with beam elements. Currently we should export our model to COSMOSM. This will save us a lot of time.