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    Element Volume Too Small?

    Mike Ramsey
      Anybody run across a error saying element volume too small. If you have how did you fix it? I'm trying run a static analysis on a weldment and get the error if I use a flanged joint or I simulated it as one big pipe.
        • Element Volume Too Small?
          Neil Grant
          Mike, did you ever get a resolution on this error? I am getting the same message when running a 25 ft long weldment with inertial loading ( factors of G). I am getting funny results showing one side deforming more than the other when they are symmetrical. When I run a half model, I get diffferent results on different days showing the hot spots in differnet areas. I suspect it may be routed in the message " Warning Element volume is too small (see output file)
          Anyone know what this means and a work around?


          Neil Grant
            • Element Volume Too Small?
              I don't recall ever seeing that particular error message, but here's my two cents:

              Check your mesh details. Really high aspect ratios or negative or highly distorted Jacobian values can lead to elements with extremely low volumes.

              The solver could have a minimum volume criteria it uses as a shape check before it attempts to solve the analysis.

              Also, run the jacobian check at the nodes. I'm not sure why performing a jacobian check at 4 points is the default setting, but running it at nodes isn't noticably slower and catches more bad elements.