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    Macro to save PDF in dynamic location

    Thomas Hotchkin



      All the Solidworks (and related) files I use are setup similar to below:




      00-Category/00-Product/DXFs/00-Subassembly/Flat Pattern-Part.dxf


      I would like to write a macro to update all the PDF and DXF files automatically. So it needs to find all parts in a directory and if its sheet metal export the flat pattern to the same file path but replacing Parts with DXFs. Same for drawings to PDFs. If I could set this up to automatically update files periodically that would be even better.


      I have some C# experience but have never done anything with macros in Solidworks so would anyone be able to help me out a bit?


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          Greg Rupp

          Hi Thomas, there are many posts on the forum about macros saving PDFs, DXFs, and DWG files... here are a couple:





          Generally macros are not automatically ran. Depending on if you wanted it to run daily, triggered when a file is saved or some other event... you could either create a program (.exe) or an add-in to do what you want.


          I would also suggest reviewing the examples posted here:


          A bunch of api examples:


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            Thomas Hotchkin

            Thanks for your help guys have been looking through examples but unfortunately most are in VBA not C#. I wouldn't say I know C# but have some experience in it.


            I have made a macro which works but before letting it loose on all my drawings (not just a copy of a few) would someone be able to check that it is coded as it should be and nothing is going to go wrong?



            using SolidWorks.Interop.sldworks;

            using SolidWorks.Interop.swconst;

            using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

            using System;

            using System.IO;


            namespace PDF.csproj


                public partial class SolidWorksMacro




                    public void Main()


                        string pdfPath;

                        string[] drwPaths = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles("C:\\Users\\SAFEROADS201\\Desktop\\01-VMS Trailer\\Drawings", "*.slddrw", SearchOption.AllDirectories);

                        foreach (string s in drwPaths)


                            if (!s.Contains("~$"))


                                ModelDoc2 swDoc = null;

                                int longstatus = 0;

                                int longwarnings = 0;

                                pdfPath = s;

                                pdfPath = pdfPath.Replace("Drawings", "PDFs").Replace("SLDDRW", "PDF");

                                (new FileInfo(pdfPath)).Directory.Create();

                                swDoc = ((ModelDoc2)(swApp.OpenDoc6(s, 3, 0, "", ref longstatus, ref longwarnings)));

                                longstatus = swDoc.SaveAs3(pdfPath, 0, 0);

                                swDoc = null;






                    /// <summary>

                    ///  The SldWorks swApp variable is pre-assigned for you.

                    /// </summary>

                    public SldWorks swApp;




            Thanks for the tip on the task manager too that will be a very easy way to do it.

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              Keith Rice



              You will probably want to learn VBA if you want to seriously use the API. Most of the learning resources as well as examples are in VBA. I talk about this some in this blog post: 7 Mistakes New SolidWorks API Programmers Make. It's only my opinion, of course, but if you're trying to save time in the long run then this is the way to go. I don't think you'll find VBA very hard to pick up if you already know some C#.


              I also explain how to use the Task Scheduler to run macros here.



              SolidWorks API Tutorials