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    Innovative puree masher!

    Sion Cohen

      hello i'm student and i got an asssignment.

      i'm making a puree masher.

      I need your help to improve my product.

      Is there anything I'm missing?

      What testing should I cunduct?

      Whitch matherial should i use?


      Thank You!

      A picture is attached

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          Jamil Snead

          Interesting design! If this were going to be an actual manufactured product I would expect the screw inside the cup to be a separate part from the cup itself. Also the handle would most likely be a separate part form the perforated screen. For materials I would probably consider stainless steel, because it will be rust resistant yet strong enough to mash through the food.

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            John Burrill

            I see where you're going with the design.You're basically making a manual crank ricer.
              You've established your functional concept and that's a start, but you haven't really done a lot make the product manufacturable, useable and attractive.

            For example, if you have a rotating die the holes should be biased like those of a cheese grater or a food processor blade.

            I'm not sure how big the product is, but the holes look too big for puree.

            You also haven't included any kind of grips or clamps to make it easy to hold one end stationary while you crank the other.

            I suggest you do a google image search on potato ricers, food processors and graters and look at all of the features, not just the knives that the manufacturer's put into those products to make them functional, easy to operate, safe and easy to clean and store.

            Then make 10 concept sketches, just to go through all of the ideas in your head.  Then, start to model.