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Can I get a recommendation

Question asked by Jeff Hamilton on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2015 by Matthew Phaneuf

We are currently using Workgroup along with a manual (paper) approval process that goes back to the old drawing board days. Basically mark up your drawings in pdf or paper, make the changes in Solidworks, create an extremely detailed release package on Publisher, print it off and manually carry it around to get approval signatures. If it sits on the signff board (a table in drafting) it can sit there literally for months. The Workgroup vault itself acts very much like an old fashioned locked room with file drawers where you keep only the released drawings until someone needs them again to check out and make changes. Revision history is handled both through Workgroup (by it's nature) and through all the duplicated documentation of the release package itself. (Alot of duplicated information.)


Has anyone moved from a similar system to EPDM and have a good story of how it improved their business?