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Different results for GetReferences using Document Manager API

Question asked by Dhananjay Dixit on Jan 14, 2015
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I am using Document Manager API for getting and replacing references of SolidWorks documents. While testing I have come across a scenario where SWDMExternalReferenceOption2.ExternalReferences & GetAllExternalReferences4 gives different values for assembly document.

Below is the scenario.


I have as assembly at D:\Asm.sldasm which references D:\P1.sldprt.

Using replacereference I update the reference to D:\aaa\P1.sldprt

Again using replacereference I update the reference to D:\PX.sldprt

Now when I use SWDMExternalReferenceOption2.ExternalReferences it returns D:\P1.sldprt

& with GetAllExternalReferences4 it returns D:\PX.sldprt


Please let me know if this is a defect or if I am doing something wrong here.