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    Knitting multiply surfaces for flow simulation

    Michael Mills

      I have a assembly comprised of multiple parts, all of them being surfaces, and I am having trouble thickening them to run flow simulation. It is a car body, comprised of 7 pieces. I am able to add a center thickness of 0.032" to all of the parts, but when I do this I get errors saying that my surfaces overlap. Also, there are visible gaps in my model after I thicken it as well. Does anyone know what the problem could be? I can upload the model as well if anyone needs it, just suppress the parts not shown.

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          Jared Conway

          i would post this in the solidworks part or surfacing or data transfer forums


          the end all be all answer is you need to fix the surfaces first

          then knit

          then you can thicken


          you probably want to ask yourself if you have the time and skill to do that or if it is worth just rebuilding manually


          in the end aero with flow has some limits, check the forum. doing this type of an analysis on a car is going to be challenging if it isn't dead simple