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Applying mates automatically to an existing assembly...?

Question asked by Larry Nicastro on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Kelvin Lamport

I loaded an Autodesk Inventor assembly into Solidworks using .stp files, the assemblies they way they are currently placed are correct. However, when loading model files from a program other than solidworks, the features, constraints, mates etc. are no longer there. I know how to solve the feature issues using import diagnostics and Featureworks, and applying the definition is fine too. My question, is there a quick button or fast way to apply mates to all the parts int he assembly in their current state without having to apply mates to each individual part again? Somewhat like featureworks where it rebuilds (predicative) the features, is there a tool for mates in that sense?