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EPDM keeps asking to log in repeatedly

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by Glenn Freeman

I have an issue on one of my machines where the user is asked repeatedly to log in to the PDM.  The only place I can think of to set this so it maybe won't come up is in the Vault Settings in the Admin tool.  But my question is why this would be a problem sometimes, and other times, it works fine (doesn't ask to log in, or only asks periodically)?


I've verified that the user's password is correct and it doesn't say anything about an invalid password, so credentials is not the issue.  Does it have a default timeout or something?  It's a problem with some of our users, but not all of them, which makes me think it's a setting somewhere in the PDM or on the local client.


By default, we have domain login configured where it uses the active directory username/password to log in, so for most, they won't even see a login dialog.  We are running EPDM 2014 Service Pack 5.0 by the way.


Any ideas?