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    Large assembly in drawings

    Paul Woolner

      I have some very large assemblies I have to take to drawing, they are running very slowly, I am spending a lot of time waiting for Solid Works to respond, I have tried Speed Pac and this greys out all the lines I want some of the lines to be bold, how would I get the lines in the view to show bold? and any advice on getting the software running quicker in the large assemblies, they run fine in Solid Works just dog slow in a drawing.


      the assemblies are derived from point clouds from a faro focus 3D scanner, the smallest assembly is around 6000 parts.

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          Paul Vandenberk

          You could try using the Large Assembly Tool in SolidWorks. The option is located near the bottom of the Tools menu at the top of SolidWorks.

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            Tony Cantrell

            You could create a simplified assy only showing external parts.

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                Paul Woolner


                I have tried saving the large assemblies as parts but they are slower than the assembly, I wish you could assemble a speed pac into another speed pac but SolidWorks won't allow you to do this, the large assemblies are the factory building I am running services through as well as adding plant into, I have tried adding the new plant and services to the speed pac, but that takes forever to do it, we have signed up for the Solid professor enterprise, looks like I'll have to go back to school to solve this one or find a decent work around for it.


                Tried  all the options for large assemblies with no joy, they work fine in the model the system seems to freeze as soon as you go to the drawing.


                Thanks for the advice.

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                    Glenn Schroeder

                    An assembly that complex, and derived from a point cloud, may just be slow regardless of what you do.  I don't see your system specs posted.  Is there any chance that you can get more memory?  I'm not a hardware expert by any stretch of the imagination, but more memory might help (it couldn't hurt).

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                  VIGNESH NAGARAJAN

                  Hi Paul,


                  To increase your performance of your drawing just Try to Load all components Lightweight as well as check that all the view are in the Draft Quality.

                  1. This can be changes using Tools, Options, System Options, Drawings, Display Style, Edge Quality for Shaded View, Draft Quality.

                  2. Follow the same options in your system ,


                  3. Reduce the image quality very low by going to Tools, Options, Document Properties, Image quality, Low in the Bar


                  Hope this is Helpful. Thanks in Advance !!!!!


                  Best Regards,


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