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    Quick way of tabbing to the next ordinate dimmension

    Zac Evans

      Hi I can't find anything answering this yet but i'm looking for a quick way of moving to the next ordinate measurement in line on a sketch, (see picture) as you can see i have large amounts of holes and like to use horizontal/vertical ordinate systems to quickly dimension them, but if there was a way to tab to the next dimension without having to double click the next one i want would be very helpful.


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          Glenn Schroeder

          Place your Ordinate dimensions, accepting whatever dimensions are there, and exit your sketch.  Now, make sure that "Instant 3d" is enabled on your Features toolbar.  Single-click on your sketch in the tree to show the dimensions in the graphics area.  Single-click on a dimension and enter the desired value.  Go directly to the next and repeat the process.


          That's the only way I know without double-clicking each dimension.