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SSD Installation

Question asked by Alan Thomason on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Daen Hendrickson

Hello all...


I have a lot of large Motion Models that I work with on my current project.  Because Motion models are so delicate, I try to get in the habit of saving new versions on a regular basis and creating Pack and Gos.  At this point, each save takes dozens of seconds (waaa!  I know, my 1990 self is tsk tsking at me).  I am intrigued with SSDs, but have a couple of questions.  First off, at one time there were frequent comments about the limited number of read/writes that could occur on an SSD.  I looked around again, and that doesn't seem to be mentioned much anymore...Is this just less of a problem than everyone thought?


Secondly, the method of use seems to be to put the operating system on the SSD and leave the data on the HDD.  Since most of my frustration stems from waiting for the model itself to save, my inclination would be to put the most recent project on the SSD, perhaps backing that up to the HDD periodically.  This is probably also because I am afraid of rebulding my OS on another drive. 


Thanks in advance for your advice...