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Using vault triggers to run a macro

Question asked by Michael Jonquiere on Jan 13, 2015

Hi all,


I'm looking for a way to save a drawing as an edrawing and dxf to a windows folder on vault check-in.


Our current work flow process is; model part > make drawing > save as edrawing > save as dxf > check part & drawing into the vault.


For the edrawing to show the current drawing revision number we have to manually add revision rows to the revision table in the drawing and save it.

The problem I have is that on check-in the vault increments the file revision number so the actual drawing revision number becomes out of sync. This is not too much of an issue until I check-out the drawing to make a pdf copy because now the drawing revision table reads revision '2' but the revision box in the title block reads revision '3' (I use $PRP:revision) this mean it's easy to release a copy with an incorrect revision number.


I'm looking for a way of linking the wpdm vault file revision number to the drawing revision table so they are in sequence (yes I'll simply activate the check box in the vault admin) BUT I want to use vault triggers to run an API/macro to save the edrawing and dxf out to a certain folder on check-in of the drawing otherwise it'll then need to be checked out again to make the edrawing and dxf which adds another long confusing stage to the process if you are doing 50 drawings.


Anyone able to assist with writing the macro to trigger from an MSMQ event and/or with a better workflow method?