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How to done Structure Lifting Simulation

Question asked by Shiva Kumar Bairoju on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by Jared Conway

Here i was trying to lift a Container structure,i was applied Container inside components load's downward direction.Container self weight 1500Kg,

Including inside placed components 6000Kg so over all Container weight 6000Kg.

Now at the time of lifting Container ISO corners should be contact with lifting hook.

My aim is in lifting condition i want to find the Stress and deformation on ISO corners and structure behavior also.

Tell me how can i find this

And what kind of constrains to be needed.


what i was done is..

Hook was in fixed condition

Standard gravity 9.8m/sec2 downward

Acceleration upwards means lifting upward direction(2G and 3G (gravity))

4500Kg load downward direction..

is this correct procedure ????


And here i was given 2G 3G acceleration upwards because i think at lifting condition container feel some jerking moment so i given this 2G and this correct ???