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Macro to align views horizontal or vertical

Discussion created by Tore Magne Bjornodegard on Jan 13, 2015
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This will probably be the last macro for a good while, as i'm quitting my job and will not be using solidworks no moe.

Please enjoy!


Ever tried the align edge vertical or horizontal function that works perfectly 50%(or less) of the time?(at least not in SW2014)

Heres a macro that does the same thing, except for the 50% part.


1.Select a line in a view and run macro(line must be straight and able to be convert to entity) buttons to align selected line horizontal or vertical, if you press same button twice it will rotate view another 180º new line to align or exit form


NB! this macro does not have an error handler so if You pick a face, a arc or no line at all it will fail.


Do the changes You like, no copyrights apply!!