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Removing material from two overlapping shelled parts, keep external and overlapping parts

Question asked by Jack Peach on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by Jack Peach

Please see the attached image, very important to understand the problem.


I have an assembly made up of many shelled parts.  The parts overlap.  The assembly needs to be hollowed/shelled.  The area where parts overlap need to be edited so that no material exist inside the assembly.


Among other steps I have tried to use the CAVITY command:

Created an assembly with the various parts as separate,then try a“cavity”. In the assembly choose the edit part function, then do a cavity.  It is found in the “insert” ,from the drop down menu, and then ”features” then “cavity”.  Any part of another part that cuts through that part will be removed, or it will ask what parts you want to keep and what parts you want to delete.  Looking at your right arm ball shoulder joint, if you edit the right arm and do a cavity by picking the torso, the torso will cut through the ball joint and the arm will be divided into two parts: the part of the arm inside the torso(ball area), and the part of the arm outside the torso.  You can delete the ball area inside the torso. once all the parts are edited, then join them.

Problem - The cavity command will only remove one half of the overlapping parts.


I have also tried to make the parts solid, mate them and then shell the entire model.  This fails as there are tight radii where some parts meet.


Thank you for your assistance.