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Mating sphere to tube

Question asked by Luke Tansell on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by Mark Dougall

The title is simple, but the problem is not. I have a very basic mating situation where i'm trying to mate 6 12mm OD hollow tubes to 6 sphere within my assembly. The two object are seen below:


So i want to mate them so that the inner edge of the tube is coincident to the surface of the sphere (To move freely around it) As shown below:


Now this is all well and good! but sometimes it mates to the other side of the sphere for some reason, as shown below:


Does anyone know how to make it only mate the the outside shell of the sphere? These piece are within a moving assembly and when they move, the mate can randomly swap from one side to the other which ruins the geometry of the assembly. This is what it's causing:


'Joint A' is one of the mates that has, in office terms 'gone to the dark side'. Because of this, 'Joint B' can no longer mate properly.


So to recap: Hollow tube mating to a sphere, but mating from one side to the other and creating invalid geometrys. I need some way of preventing it from mating to the inside of the sphere.


Thanks in Advance!!