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    Insert design table in a drawing

    Raul Borobio



      I have a top-to-down assembly driven by a design table.

      I want to make the drawings of each part and insert an excel table with the dimensions for all models. For that, I have created other sheet with all table I'll need referenced to the original values of the design table.


      Once finished the tables I go back to drawing and select Insert->Table->Design table. I get the design table on my drawing and by double clicking it brings to front. Now I go to the table sheet and I redimension it. Going back to drawing and updating the design table shows up the table I need.


      The problem comes when I open again this table at assembly and going to the design table values. The drawing design table automatically updates the view.


      I want to do this by this way to allways have the drawing updated. If I create an external excel table, if I change dimensions at design table the drawings will come out of date.


      Any sugestions?


      Thank you in advance.