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Need help with static analysis on an aircraft wing

Question asked by Benjamin Samuel on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2015 by Benjamin Samuel

I am currently designing an aircraft wing on solidworks and I have to perform static analysis on the wing. The wing structure consists of a airfoil foam, wing skin and 2 CFRP spars. The wing span is 3m and has a lift force of 385.1 N. I am not able to carry out the analysis on the whole assembly because it takes a lot of time and the simulation does not finish. I am not sure if there is any problem with the meshing. Can anyone help me with this? I have attached the solidworks files and some pictures of my simulation setup for help with this post.



1. The thickness of the wing skin is 1.5 mm therefore, I am not sure if defining it as a shell in the simulation was correct. but If I treat it as a solid, it is unable to mesh.

2. Custom materials were applied for all the components in the assembly. Polystyrene foam was applied to the wing foam and the wing skin and the spars use CFRP as materials. I had to get      the properties from online to apply the materials. You can use available materials of the same kind to carry out the simulation.

3. I am not sure where to apply mesh control in the model.