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File That is Exclusively Opened by Another Application

Question asked by Steve Zema on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by Greg Rupp

Hello All,


I have ran across an error that I have not seen yet.  I have done a search from Google and SW Forums about this and was not successful in solving the issue, so I am posting this today.


A user in our sales department wants to create a new engineering change request.  When he follows the instructions and click 'OK', he receives the following message;


"Could not copy the file '00711.xlsx' from 'C:\EPDM\Admin\Templates\33-124-19008.xlsx'.

Cause: An attempt was made to access a file that is exclusively opened by another application".


I have the template properties copy the template (33-124-19008.xlsx) from the Admin foler and rename the file to sequential serial number name (00711.xlsx) and place in the proper folder.


The sales department was able to create engineering change requests before, but for some reason, they cannot today.  Below is how they access EPDM.

1. Sales uses Macbooks and have all rights access to the Remote Server (I know what you all are thinking. Why does one department use Macbooks while the rest of the company uses Windows?).

2. All permissions are set for them to copy the templates when creating a new form.

3. The proper workflow, states and transitions are also set for them to perform the task.


I have tried having the user log out of EPDM, then I checked the task manager to ensure that nothing related to SolidWorks are still running in the background, and had him restart EPDM.  This issue is still present.


If any of you have ran across this issue before and have found a solution, I'd appreciate any assistance you can provide.



Steve Zema