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time machine backup not opening

Question asked by Gabriele Giorgini on Jan 12, 2015

Good Evening everyone


I unfortunately have to use Solidworks on a Parallels VirtualMachine installed on a MacBook... Works fine with RealView and everything.

My problem is with the Time Machine backups of my part/assembly files that I keep on the main HardDrive. Solidworks crashes overtime I try to open a file restored from the backups. When it does not crash it gives a Warning "Parameter not correct" when I select the file in the "open" windows and it does not allow to open it.


I moved files anywhere, send them trough emails, uploaded and downloaded from the clouds and from websites but it gives this error only with the Apple backups...


Does anybody know a solution/fix for this problem?


Please don't tell me I have to dump the MacBook, because I know way to well that is rubbish.