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    3D Sketch Fillet

    David Suelflow
      (See attached Pic)

      I'm trying to make a sweep path out of a 3D sketch (black).  Icreated two 2D sketches (grey) to give me lines to 'ConvertEntities'.  I now need to transition from the Horizontal tothe vertical lines.  S/W will not let me fillet between thetwo because they are not in the same plane.  Anysuggestions?

      Thanks in Advance,


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          Steve Hutchison
          I would think that if the endpoints could be made coincident then the fillet would form. Otherwise you have some sort of 3D curve going in there. That is if I understand what you are trying to accomplish correctly.

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            Dale Dunn
            Delete the fillets from your layout sketches and make all the endpoints coincident to each other. In your 3DSketch, you should not be able to fillet. If you need to keep the relative locations of all your straight segments, then you will need either a spline (wouldn't want to manufacture it) or two fillets to make the transition (wouldn't want to manufacture that either).
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                Mark Matthews


                then you will need either a spline (wouldn't want to manufacture it)

                This may be off topic; but what is so scary about manufacturing splines? It seems car manufacturers have been doing it for a century.
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                    Dale Dunn
                    In the example shown, you would need a more complicated forming die to follow a spline curve. If the OP can stay with fillets, he can use a standard tube-bender.

                    If the production run is long wnough to be using custom tooling anyway, then I guess you would be right. the spline path wouldn't be a big deal. I tend toward the short run mindset (1-10 units).