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Move component along x axis

Question asked by Fivezdw Fivezdw on Jan 11, 2015

I would like to move a component along +x,-x,+y,-y,+z and -z direction for a given distance. For example: 1 meter.

I think i need to use math transformation by creating a transformation matrix. below is the code I wrote for transformation in +x direction for 1 meter.

I was wondering if this code will work?

I learned from somewhere that the rotation submatrix is diagonal with diagonal entries to be 1 for pure translation. And the translation vector denotes the direction of translation.


MathTransform swXform = default(MathTransform);

MathUtility swMathUtil = default(MathUtility);


double[] arr=new double [16];


arr[0]=1; arr[1]=0; arr[2]=0;

arr[3]=0; arr[4]=1; arr[5]=0;

arr[6]=0; arr[7]=0; arr[8]=1;

arr[9]=1; arr[10]=0; arr[11]=0;


arr[13]=0;arr[14]=0; arr[15]=0;


swXform = swMathUtil.CreateTransform(arr);


Or if there is any other way to accomplish the event. Any help will be really appreciated.