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    Modeling water in a tank?

    Alan Kirkpatrick

      I would like to model a plastic fish tank partially filled with water and having a heater in the bottom of the tank. There is a cover on the tank, but there's an airspace between the water & cover. I'd like to have convection occuring in the water and also in the air above the water and on the outside surfaces of the tank. Is it best to make a model of the water and assemble it to the tank model? Can this be done with a fluid subdomain by placing a lid at the top of the water that has an ambient pressure boundary condition?

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          Alan Kirkpatrick

          Also - it looks like water has to be assigned "solid" material properties if it's modeled as a solid model. Is it possible to use the liquid water material properties that are in the Liquids pre-defined materials that are used in the General Settings for the Default fluid type or for a Fluid Subdomain to assign material properties to my water model? Those properties are all table based and are very nice.