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    Is there any way to print PDFs silently?

    Help Desk

      I'm trying to write an AddIn that converts our 40k+ drawings to PDF in SW 2014 SP4.  I was using ExportPdfData and SaveAs and processed all of the files but there were problems with the PDFs.  My customer needs them to be printed to PDF using the Adobe PDF driver.  I set up the drive and did one manually and the file was perfect.  If I try to automate it using PrintOut3 I can a PScript file because I'm specifying the file path.  The only way I can get a valid PDF file is if I set Adobe PDF as the default printer and don't specify a filename which then has Adobe prompting me for one.  As you can imagine this will not work for 40k drawings. Is there anyway to use the Adobe driver AND specify the filename?


      For reference I'm a C# developer and not a normal SW user.