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SaveAs3 crashes Solidworks 2013

Question asked by Uriel Avron on Jan 12, 2015
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Please take a look at the following snippet (C# API for SolidWorks 2013):


fullName = currSW3D.GetPathName();


MessageBox.Show ( "Current 3D object identified as: " + currSW3D.GetTitle () );


warns = currSW3D.GetType();



The Current model is correctly identified by its name and its type is a part. The messagebox correctly states the name of the model without the extension and the model type is correctly identified as a part. Nonetheless, when the program reaches the SaveAs3 command, Solidworks get completely stuck and I have to stop it through the Task Manager.

Interestingly, the STEP file is successfully created, but the program hangs.

What am I doing wrong?


Thank you