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    Renaming Standard Planes

    Mark Henrichs

      For part modeling I normally reorient and rename the planes and update the standard views to match the normal orientation of z-axis to Top Plane (Don't understand SW's thinking on their default orientation)


      I'm trying to create an assembly template but  for some reason SW will no longer let me rename the planes.  I do the slow double-click on the plane name, but it won't highlight it so it can be renamed.  Probably a simple solution.... I've done this before without problems. 

      I went back to my saved Part template where I made this change and for some reason it won't let me rename the std. planes now either.

      What am I missing?....Is some system setting locking them?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Select and press F2 if that helps to rename. There is no option to lock the name though and I had been doing them easily in the past.


          If you want then attach the files here and I can rename the planes for you.

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            Thomas Warner

            To properly re-orient your standard views, go to view orientation (space bar) ,then select Update Standard views. You'll need to be normal to the front plane, then select the top view icon in the view properties box and it will update the right way. Then all the icons will match the views, renaming planes after that.

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              Mark Henrichs

              Updated the video driver but it didn't solve the problem.


              Found that I can rename planes, but it takes 3 slow clicks to activate rename box.  (select plane, then 2 more slow clicks)

              If I rename the Origin it only takes 2 clicks  (select origin + 1 slow click)


              The problem with displaying plane names in graphics area is still a problem.....seems to be only "Right Plane" not displaying and only with an assembly.


              Found the behavior changes depending on what order I do things:


                  * Open a new assembly with default template

                   * select each plane and change visibility

                   * then select "view" "planes" to display the planes

                   * only Top & Front planes have a name



                   * Open new assembly with default template

                   * select "view" "planes" (nothing displays yet because plane visibility is off)

                   * select each plane and change visibility

                   * All 3 planes display the plane name


              Looks like I need to submit this problem to tech support....

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                Seckin Uslu

                uninstall netframeworks and re-install it