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    Has Bal

      I have a drawing sheet with detailed view (circle) and I have given a dimension on that detailed view. When I change dimension of part of parent view detailed view dimension moves irrelevant position on layout(goes far away from its drawing view).I want to  refresh its position to close.  I have found   2014 SolidWorks API Help - DragModelDimension Method (IDrawingDoc)  this link. However I cannot able to figure it out. Are there any code for this problem to solve?


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          Keith Rice



          The solution is not to move the dimension. The dimension either is still associated with the correct entities, in which case a rebuild should work, or the dimension is no longer associated with the correct entities, in which case it needs to be deleted and re-added. The first scenario should be the correct behavior in SolidWorks. In this case, IModelDoc2::EditRebuild3 or IModelDoc2::ForceRebuild3 should work.



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