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Transfer to Work Pdm

Question asked by robert dattilo on Jan 9, 2015
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       We have been working on a network drive, & there’s SW files that go back to around 2001.
We’re trying to go to the workgroup pdm but do it gradually; in a sense from
hence forth. We have 5 or 6  active users but only 4 pdm accessible licenses. We may purchase another professional
liscense. We have thousands of files and they go back really to the maybe the eighties,
so things were converted etc., as early as 2001.

     My question is have people gone about it this way successfully. I mean the just putting the toe in the
water approach. I’m a bit concerned that will have two sources of intelligence
with these files. The network drive, & this new vault. But while it’s
obviously better to have one main area, having all these files makes it a bit unpractical
to grab all this old stuff that we may never use. They also have references
floating all over the network.

    I’ve seen changes from the board to a cad system to another cad system & for the most part I believe
people would say going to the pdm is the right way to go, but I’m wondering how
people have gone about the change.  At this point we would probably only financially support the workgroup pdm.

   Thanks in advance
for any input.

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