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Steering Assembly Mating question?

Question asked by Stuart Riley on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by Jesse Robbers

I'm building a dune buggy with a partner for a project.


For the last couple of weeks, on and off I've been building up a double wishbone suspension system for the front of the car. These have all been mated together and would work fully moving up and down if I could change the material properties on my springs to be flexible (student version won't allow me to).

I have wheel hubs attaching the top and bottom wishbone arms with ball and socket joints. These can rotate as would be expected from side to side to allow for my steering.


Before I add in a rack and pinion system and everything gets more complex, I'd like to add a mate between the left and right sides of the suspension setup so that the hubs will turn at the same angle as if they were steering the wheels which aren't yet there. I tried using a linear/linear coupler mate, but couldn't find any surfaces or reference points that could connect them while achieving the same angle of steering. Upon closer inspection the angle would be differing slightly from side to side. I'd like it so that if I manually change the hub rotation on one side, it will do the same movement on the other, without having to adjust that side as well.


I've attached the screenshot of the part with the 2 wheel hubs highlighted in blue. The arms sticking up from the hubs will be what the rack and pinion will attach to once completed.


Thanks very much