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Workgroup PDM: Robustness of Revision Scheme

Question asked by Alan Cheng on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by Ethan Kay

Have any PDM admins had to modify the revision scheme once models were already uploaded and were there any issues with checking in new models or rev others?

I wanted to know how robust the system is.




I had initially set the revision scheme as:


Primary:        Secondary:

A                   00

B                   01

C                   02

...                   ....

Z                   99


I modified the scheme to have a pre alpha primary rev:


Primary:       Secondary:

00                00

A                  01

B                  02

C                  03

...                 ...

Z                  99


It is having issues checking in and got: "VAULT ERROR:210 The revision level for the selected lifecycle is invalid."

I believe its because the model is trying to bump from A-00 to 00-01 and its confusing the system.


-Please advise,