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usability of forum

Question asked by David Tiefenbrunn on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2015 by Keith Rice

On another thread there was discussion about the lack of usability of the new forum.  Specific suggestions were asked for as to how to improve the forum.

1.  Get rid of the low contrast colors for all text.
2.  The rest is layout, naming, and organization and clutter - The best I can do is give a couple of examples of forums I find much easier to use, which are linked below.


Ultimate Subaru Message Board


These 2 forums are completely unrelated, yet navigating them is clear and straightforward.  I've also participated in many other online forums that [I'm guessing] use the same software as the 2 above, and none of them are as frustrating as the total of 2 forums that I visit that are from / running Jive software.