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    Task scheduler to convert files in the EPDM Vault

    Josh Killalea

      Is there a way to use the Task Scheduler to update all the files in the EPDM vault? i have been googling my but off to try and work this out, but i can't find anything in EPDM. HEAPS of stuff on workgroup, and all that says it is possible. but when you go to do it in the EPDM Vault it says files a read only (or something to that effect. as a result you can't schedule the task.


      the problem is obviously that the files are checked in and "read only" obviously.


      the obvious solution is to check all the files out and then run the task. this i had already started, but have run into some minor issues with different files being checked out on different computers etc. while not a huge problem it will take quite a bit of back and forth to sort this.


      the other big one (and probably the biggest issue here) is we have a LOT of files in "released" states. meaning they are locked for editing. this means not only would i have to check these out but i would have to go through all our stuff and work out which files were in what states first, push them to an editable state and then check them out. this in our last project alone is a VERY daunting task.


      and obviously no one can work on those folders while the task is running. so again obvious to do this outside work hours. i was really hoping to run this on one computer while working on another though so i wasn't here for a month of sundays running one folder each night.


      are there any obvious work arounds to this that i am not seeing?


      one sneeky thought i had was to make an "updates" user in the vault and git that user full write access to all the files and update them all that way. but that would be a last resort if there wasn't a "proper" way to do this.

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          Toni Trepanier

          Over the holidays we ran a version upgrade on all assembly and part files. We did have all users check in all files as we were doing other clean-up as well so we did not have that particular issue. We started late in the afternoon and ran it from one master machine and a few slave machines and it was completed by the following morning. We ran it under the admin account which has permission to check out a file at any state in our system even though other users are read only.

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            Josh Killalea

            So for those that can't access YouTube (you poor poor souls!), there is a File Version Updater that comes with EPDM. it is hidden in your EPDM install files in Support>File Version upgrade



            just double click the .exe and install the software. (i did a restart but it doesn't prompt you to, not sure if it is required.) then in your start menu under the Solidworks Enterprise PDM folder select the File Version Upgrade.

            start menu 1.png


            Just in case anyone is like me and a bit nervous about using the "unknown" Upgrade Utility, it is all pretty straight forward. (the video also makes a lot more sense when you go through the process yourself.)


            to answer my own questions, when using the above upgrade utility, the thing knows to check out and check in the files itself. however you will need a user that has write access on all states. Like Toni says the Admin account usually takes care of that. also make sure they have access on all work flows if you have multiple workflows.


            i ran this on my local machine as it has SolidWorks on it to perform the updates. it is really quick though and punches through the files at lightening speed! that said it does take about a second or 2 to do each file. so if you have only 10,000 files @ 2 seconds each that is still about 5.5hrs and that is provided it dosen't stall or lock up on one or more of the files. so this would definitely be best done on a machine someone isn't working on or over night. (lucky for me i have more than one machine to work on) and as i am writing this while doing other stuff the thing has now completed doing a total of 3658 files in only 63 minutes 51 seconds! WOW!


            also worth noting is that it will warn you if there are other users logged into the vault you have chosen to upgrade. i would guess that is because they might restrict access to files or it could interfere with their work.


            if you are not logged into the vault you choose to update it will also ask you to log into the vault during the process. so no big deal and a nice touch. just remember to log in as admin or a user with "all" access.


            Hope this info helps some others at some point.