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    Drawing template Configuration

    James Schulz

      Is it possible to setup a drawing template with some type of configuration.

      The way i thinking is that when you start a drawing you have one template.

      Once you open that template you select what size you need that template to be like a configuration "C" for a "C" size sheet and so on.


      Is this possible??





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          Jeff Mirisola

          Why not just have templates that are already sized? If you don't want to do that, the size of your sheet is controlled by the sheet format. Set up your sheet formats for the sizes you want then, when you open up the default template, right click in the graphics area->Properties->Browse and browse to where your sheet formats are located (should pop up by default) and choose your format.

          As mentioned, it would probably be quicker and easier to just set up different sized templates...

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              Joel Conklin

              Jeff Mirisola wrote:


              Why not just have templates that are already sized?


              One good reason for having a single template which can be configured as required rather than a dozen is that if (or more likely when) the template needs to be updated, you only have to modify just _one_.

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                  Glenn Schroeder

                  No, drawing templates cannot be configured to be saved with different sheet formats.  A multi-sheet drawing template can be saved using different sheet formats for each sheet if you want.  You could set it up this way, and delete the unwanted sheets, but I'd think it would be simpler to just change the sheet format at the start if it's not the one you want.  It only takes about 3 clicks.  After that any additional sheets added will use the same sheet format as the active sheet (unless you have "Show sheet format dialog when adding new sheet" checked at Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings.