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How can I make a sloped Guesset-like part?

Question asked by Babak Shei on Jan 8, 2015
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This might not be a solidworks featured solution, maybe its more geometrical, but either way its a question:

I'm trying to cover up a triangular gap, which is underneath a table that drops supplies to a sloped surface, I'm trying to cover it up while still maintaining a downwards slope, since the gap is in a corner it needs to be triangular. Unfortunately I've been trying to via trigonometry to figure out some kind of relation. In terms of measurements I can produce the Top view requirement of the gap, and also the slope and height of the part. I'm probably making it sound more confusing than it really is, but I've attached some picture to clarify a little bit.


I cant really think of a conclusive solution (except guess & check), Also I faintly remember from some SW classes that its possible to convert two 2-D sketches to make a 3-D sketch, but I cant remember how and also I'm not sure If I can produce a Sheetmetal from it (but maybe I can use the extruded or surface type of part to take measurements then I can apply to a sheetmetal part)


Any suggestions?