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Part library

Question asked by Stefan Fredriksson on Jan 8, 2015



first of all I wanna say that i'm new to the forum, so if this post has been covered before or is att the wrong place. Please forgive me.



I need help, today I have a collection of different parts in both assemblies and subassemblies.

Theese parts within the assemblies are 95% finished, this means that I always start with an assembly that has a couple of parts in it. Then, I add insert an component and depending on the circumstances the last 5 % will look different every time.


The thing si that I want to make changes to the part every time but I want the original to be the sam always. Today i solved the issue by write-protect to folder containing theese files, therefore I have to make them "virtual" every time. This procedure is somehow tricky when I want the hole assembly virtual including sub-assemblies and part to become virtual so the let go of there references to "my library".


I have also tried the "pack and go" with some success.


BUT I wonder if there is some other way och working with my files. Perhaps someone has solved these kind of issue in their own clever way


Best regards.