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Several Positions Open!

Question asked by Anthony Bear on Jan 8, 2015

Greetings All!


In our most recent Engineering Meeting here at Anderson International, it was stated that we need people at all levels of our Engineering Department - Designers, Project Engineers, and I think we may be looking for Project Managers, as well.  I don't know that the Engineering Supervisor/Manager position has been filled yet, either.  I know we also need people with an Electrical Design background, too, as our Electrical Department is constantly swamped!
Our wages are quite competitive and we have a very good benefits package.  I hope to get the opportunity to work with some of you on a professional level!


If anyone is interested, you can contact our HR Department administrator, Carla Fitzpatrick via the following methods:

Phone:  (216)-641-1112 Ext. 243


You can also visit our website, where we have a link to our career page on Indeed, but not all open positions may be posted there!


As always, my best wishes,


Anthony Bear