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appearances not showing in epdm files on coworker computers

Question asked by Branden Neal on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by Damir Galic

When I create a part and apply an appearance, a part material with an appearance, or any change of color, and check the part in to the vault, once the file is brought up on another persons computer from the vault, the file is completely absent of any appearances and defaults to the grey color. I have tried what seems to be everything and I cannot get the appearances to translate with the epdm file check in. also, the e drawings viewer shows a dull colorless part, drawings, or assemblies. The only place where the appearances are working just fine, including drawings, parts and assemblies, is if I open the file on my own computer. is there a setting somewhere or am I forgetting to do something that is preventing appearances on coworkers machines?