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    Saifeddine Djahnine

      how to change the orientation of elbow inrouting

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          Enrique Pucut

          Hi Saefeddine,


          Press Tab OR Press Shift + arrow keys (<-  or ->)

          Hope this helps.


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            Peter De Vlieger

            Another way is to simply draw the route line in the direction that you want the elbow to be pointing.

            Once you exit the edit route mode you'll be prompted about what elbow to use.


            If you make sure that the continuation of the route is either perpendicular (for 90° elbows) or that you set the angle needed (for instance 45°) then it should make it a whole deal easier.


            Relying on drag and dropping elbows on it can be a nuisance especially if you have the component rotation increment set to a different angle then needed. (system options / routing / component rotation increment)


            Have a nice one