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    PDF and DXF macros for current sheet and file name prompt

    Matt Bracht

      Hi folks,


      I've been searching the forums for a suitable macro listing but I've not found one that does all that I'm wanting.  I've been trying to piece a few together that I've found that do partially what I'm looking for but I'm not having success getting the macro to run afterwards.  I'm not that skilled in writing code.


      What I'm wanting to do is this:

      • Create a macro that saves the current sheet only
      • Prompts me for a file name to enter, but defaults to the current file sheets file name first
      • Default saves to a specified location (if it could allow me to override the location that would be great, but not necessary)


      I'm also wanting to do this same type of functionality saving a DXF, but I want it to be in a separate macro.


      Does anyone have macro's done like this already or can help??  I would really appreciate it.  We're running 2014.