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excell file got damaged from solidworks

Question asked by Marco Gigante on Jan 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2015 by Marco Gigante

Hello here I have a really bad problem about Solidworks and Excell:


  1. - I created a configuration editable with excell
  2. - at the beginning worked fine
  3. - after some time passed, I experimented a terrible problem:


If I edit the excell file, the file gets damaged with the addiction of columns that make crash the reconstruction of the configuration




Here is it before changing parameters


imagin I change the value of B3, I apply the change, start the reconstruction and solidworks give me this error : "reconstruction impossible, parameter missing"

I open the excell file to  verify what happened and this is what I get:


This is after changing parameters:



As you can see "B" column values got move to "I" column (you can't see it couse outside this screenshot); smaller problem (but still not funny) is that I can't change the dimension of the embedded excell windows, neither change sheet of work.



Please, someone could tell me if I did something wrong?

Thank you,

Marco Gigante